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Aloha: 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement Hits...Hawaii?


“I'm tired of living like a slave, I want to be free.”

The "Occupy" movement has officially hit the Aloha State, with protesters railing against "Wall Street greed," just like in New York City and elsewhere. (Media credit: KHON-2)

It's a long way from Wall Street, but the "Occupy" movement has officially hit the Aloha State.

According to local station KHON-2, about 75 people gathered in Honolulu Saturday to protest corporate greed. Other demonstrators gathered in Maui Friday, and similar protests are reportedly in the works elsewhere on the Hawaiian islands, more than 4,800 miles from New York City.

“My name's Renee, I'm here to represent people's needs not Wall Street greed," one protester said Saturday. “I'm tired of living like a slave, I want to be free.”

“I'm Grace, I'm a teacher and I'm here to make sure my students have a future," another said.

KHON reported the protesters have been organizing themselves online, the same way other "Occupy" participants throughout the country have been.

“We're going to stand up against them, against the bankers who got bailed out and we're here just to fend for ourselves and that is the greatest thing we can do because every single person is affected by this," organic farmer and protestor Jeremy Ornellas said. "The only ones who aren't are the less than one percent whose getting those trillions of dollars from our tax dollars."

Orneallas said he hopes one day "everyone wakes up and realizes they are part of the 99 percent and join their brothers and sisters in this protest."

As for how long they're planning on staying?

“Until we win, until we win,” he said.

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