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Deaf Woman Behind Viral Video Describes Hearing Her Voice for the First Time


One of the most inspiring stories we've had the opportunity to cover on the Blaze surrounds 29-year-old Sarah Churman. Earlier this month, we brought you incredible video of the young woman, who was born deaf, hearing her voice for the first time.

On Thursday, Fox News Gretchen Carlson interviewed her about a special hearing implant that has revolutionized her life. Showing how life-changing modern medical technology has become, this medical marvel is now making it possible for Churman to experience hearing for the first time. When asked to describe what the process has been like, she said:

"Everything before was jumbled or muffled...but once they turned the implant on it's just absolute clarity...You can hear all the little noises you never heard before.

I've been not hearing for so long -- to go to this, it was just -- an absolute difference. I don't know how to explain it...before everything was just one big jumbled sound."

Particularly warming is the idea that she is now able to hear her two small children's distinct voices. "It was overwhelming," she said. "Getting to hear their little voices like that -- that was worth it right there."

Churman's surgery cost $30,000 -- a lump sum of money that she said her mother-in-law "stepped out in faith" (in fact, she cashed in all of her retirement savings) to give.

Watch Carlson's interview with her, below:

And here's the original video showing Churman's emotional reaction to hearing her voice for the first time:

Churman has been making her media rounds. She also appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" earlier this month, where she again addressed this inspirational tale:

If you're interested in learning more, Churman is answering questions and blogging about her experiences. Inspirational, indeed.

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