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New Video of Alleged Gadhafi Capture Emerges


"Allahu Akbar!"

Editor's note: both videos in this story contain graphic images. Reader discretion is advised.

A new video has emerged online allegedly showing the deposed Libyan leader moments before his death. The video was posted online and depicts an angry mob surrounding, dragging, and striking Moammar Gadhafi as some rebels yell, "Allahu Akbar!"

According to the Associated Press, this video and others have raised questions about the rebels' claims that Gahdafi wasn't executed but rather killed in "crossfire." Libya's acting prime minister has said he's open to an inquiry, but added that no one should question an official report.

The Associated Press can't verify the authenticity of the video, but it does seem to show Gadhafi:

The new video comes as another Gadhfi-linked video is starting to make the rounds. In a leaked online video, an alleged Libyan rebel admits that he shot Gadhafi twice in the head after some of his counterparts suggested taking Gadhafi away. The authenticity of his confession, however, has not been confirmed:

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