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Did the NYPD Police Commissioner Meet With George Soros in Secret?


"Whisked in and out of police headquarters with no one being the wiser."

Did the most powerful police commissioner in America have a secret meeting with leftist financier George Soros?

Len Levitt, the police journalist and blogger behind NYPD Confidential, claims in a piece on HuffPo that Soros scored a clandestine conference with Kelly at One Police Plaza, the NYPD's headquarters, just last week.

According to Levitt, Soros was "escorted in by a retired NYPD cop, driving a wine-colored Mercedes, [and] the left-leaning billionaire was whisked in and out of police headquarters with no one being the wiser."

Levitt claims that a Soros official confirmed the meeting to him. But  NYPD has remained mum on the subject.

Soros's face-to-face with Ray Kelly comes amidst accusation that the Open Society Institute has been a key source of funds for Occupy Wall Street. Reuters even published a story on the connection, which led to widespread outrage in the mainstream press.

Soros's people of course vehemently deny the accusation and claim no involvement in OWS. Reuters later retracted.

Unlike the President of the United States, who at least theoretically has to publish his schedule of visitors, New York City's Police Commissioner keeps his docket of admirers, advisors, and other invitees to his office private.

But as more and more New Yorkers ask when the Occupiers will leave, questions will fly about why the NYPD backed down from one Zuccotti Park eviction, and has yet to try another.

We know political influence was brought to bear in favor of the Occupiers.

The only question that remains is, whose influence was it?

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