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Thursday evening must-reads


Obama hits his 60th political fundraiser

GOP calls for $2 trillion in spending cuts

Tea Party to mayor: Make ‘Occupy Richmond’ pay up

Is "income inequality" the new "global warming"?

Is Obama stirring up a revolution?

Michelle Obama pals around with ex-Enron exec

Steve Forbes: Obama's anti-energy agenda is killing jobs

Obama aide leaves White House for Planned Parenthood lobbying gig

Andrew McCarthy: Qaddafi’s dictatorship was preferable to an Islamist Libya

One year after being fired, Juan Williams talks NPR

Is the Euro destined to fail?

John Bolton: Let Europeans handle their own crises

NARAL boosts Herman Cain by condemning his steadfast pro-life stance

You had to see this one coming: Slate offers alternative Cain "smoking" ad

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