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Michael Moore Calls Obama Presidency 'Heartbreaking' Disappointment


Michael Moore seems to be making the rounds lately. On top of being a vocal advocate of the Occupy Wall Street -- the leftist documentation vehemently denied being part of the "1%;" then he asserted that President Obama's only hope for reelection is the "Occupy" movement; on Friday he contradicted himself and admitted to being part of the 1% after all; and now, Moore has called Obama's presidency a "heartbreaking" disappointment.

One wonders if Moore might be exploiting the current political climate surrounding the Occupy protests to promote his new book, "Here Comes Trouble: Stories from My Life."

In an interview on the BBC, Moore spoke about the disappointment he feels over Obama's first term:

"He [Obama] did not come into office like I had hoped that he would, to do what Franklin Roosevelt did his first few months, where he came in and said, you know, “I’m in charge. This is the way we’re doing things. If you don’t like it, throw me out of office” and then he set about doing what he had to do.

Barack Obama came in and said, “What can I do to help you?”

Mediate adds:

He did add, however, that Obama and his administration do seem to be going on the offensive now in the last leg of his (First?) term. Interviewer Richard Bacon then asked Moore whether he feels Obama had initially approached his presidency with a sense of “naïveté.”

“Well, it was either that,” Moore answered, “or he actually believed in a lot of what they believe in.”

“That just may be the sad, sad part about Barack Obama,” he later added. “Not that he’s too timid or that he’s too compromising, but that he actually believes in a lot of what they believe in.” The “they” in question being, of course, his cohorts and supporters on Wall Street.

The interview can be listened to on Mediaite.

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