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Wednesday evening must-reads


Econ 101: Where Keynes went wrong

Down twinkles: ACORN is paying homeless to protest

Michelle Malkin: Occupy Oakland’s dangerous “strike” follies

Obama Energy Dept slammed with 100+ stimulus-linked criminal investigations

House Democrats draft new tax fee for financial transactions

Dianne Feinstein uses "Fast and Furious" to make case for national gun registry

Chris Matthews has a potty mouth

48.5 million: Number of Americans on food stamps hits another new high

Paul Ryan looks at 2012 and beyond

Rick Santorum launches Faith, Family and Freedom Tour

Did Herman Cain vote for Bill Clinton in 1992?

Gingrich defends Cain against harassment claims

GOP big-bucks donors pick Mitt Romney over Rick Perry

Romney slams Perry's "liberal" immigration policies

Are we better off today than we were four years ago? "Are you kidding me?!"

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