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Oakland Liberation Front Leaflet: 'How Dare You Even Ask for Non-Violence


"...when violence has ALREADY been used by the police?"

A pamphlet from a group calling itself the "Oakland Liberation Front" has surfaced that mocks any pacifists in the Occupy Oakland movement and calls for violence to achieve the "complete annihilation of capitalism."

Given the past 24 hours in Oakland, which has seen destructive, violent riots and general chaos at the hands of the Occupiers, the underlying sentiments of the frightening flyer below seem completely in line with the goals of Occupy Oakland.

[Editor's note: disturbing language included in the pamphlet]

The pamphlet makes a series of statements about non-violent resistance, then lists a number of accusations about pacifists in the movement, including: "You are the subject that divides under the guise of unity and the people," and "you are their unpaid soldiers."

The pamphlet goes on to claim that peace signs and non-violence are "the exact forms of mediation the state requires to neutralize people's individual assertion of their own desires [and] goals."

The Oakland Liberation Front goes on to demand that any and all pacifists in the movement stand aside, while the real Occupiers violently take on the police and work to bring our entire system down.

Meanwhile, Oakland continues to burn.

(H/T: FreeRepublic)

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