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Reporter Asks Occupy Protesters: 'Who Pooped or Peed on the Bank?


"Get that 'effing' camera out of here."

In an exchange almost too bizarre to believe, a reporter with News Channel 3 in Eureka California went tent-to-tent at Occupy protests asking activists, "who pooped or peed on the bank?"

To justify the behavior, all protesters could say in response was that the banks "poop and pee on us" all day every day.

Clearly, somebody -- presumably an Occupier -- defecated on or in a local bank and this local news reporter was charged with the unenviable task of discovering who the perpetrator was.

At one point, the reporter and her crew were assaulted by a protester who grabbed the camera and said, "get that...camera out of here."

MRCTV brings us the outrageous video:

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