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What Connections Does Beck Make Between Van Jones' Revolution Group & Occupy Wall St?


"Isn't that weird?"

On radio Monday, Glenn Beck raised some concerns about the similarities between the Van Jones-affiliated STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement) and the Occupy movement. Specifically, he noted that "consensus" structure of dealing with conflict and sexual assault.

“(STORM) had sharp radical leadership and it was dynamic and exciting and yada, yada, yada. But what happened was that they started STORM as a loose cadre of collective whose structure borrowed from both the anarchist and communist traditions," Beck explained. "And they would bring tomorrow in. They had a strict code of conduct and security protocols, and what was great is they would they would have this cadre organization model popular in the communist political tradition, but STORM had no designated leadership. See if this sounds familiar. And STORM borrowed from spokes model of the anarchist tradition. The group made all the decisions together by a modified consensus process."

That, Beck said, led to the expectation that sexual assault allegations would be dealt with internally:

“There was some problems of sexual discrimination, there were problems of possible violence against women, and the women were like, ‘Hey, wait a minute. Aren’t you guys supposed to be against domestic violence? Aren’t you guys supposed to be…’ and they said, no, we have to solve this internally! Like good Marxists do. And that’s really why it kind of fell apart is because the group didn’t, you know, they didn’t see eye to eye on, you know, violence towards women. Isn’t that weird?”

The Occupiers across the country have also encouraged that sex assault within the camps be dealt with internally.

You can listen to Beck make the connections below:

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