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Allen West on Herman Cain: 'Conservative Minorities Scare Liberals


We are "supposed be part of this 21st century plantation."


Since allegations of sexual harassement began to plague GOP presidential contender Herman Cain just weeks ago, many conservatives have noted what they see as a double standard being leveled against the former Godfather Pizza CEO -- a double standard based on Cain's race, combined with his conservative political leanings.

Sharing his thoughts on the kind of treatment conservative minorities receive from members of the media and political left, ConservativeNewMedia caught up with Congressman Allen West on Friday to ask him his views on the subject.

West said that he believes "conservative minorities scare liberals" and that liberals believe conservative blacks are "supposed be part of this 21st century plantation."

Once a candidate is deemed a "threat," West continued, "this is a bloodsport."

Watch the video courtesy of ConservativeNM:

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