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If I Had to Trust One Person It Would be...Bachmann': Beck Talks GOP Primary


"truly comes the closest to embodying the spirit of Lincoln or Washington"

While Glenn Beck doesn't endorse candidates, he does voice his take on the character and policies associated with presidential contenders.

This morning, Beck took to the airwaves to praise Michele Bachmann for her faith, values and spirit.

He offered intense praise for Bachmann, while reiterating the fact that he would continue to evaluate other Republican candidates in the race. “I know and like many of the candidates for the Republican nomination. I’ve never campaigned for anybody, nor will I," he said. "I will never stop calling them as I see them, and I will never endorse a candidate."

Beck continued:

"Last night, I made a decision on who I would vote for if I were voting for the candidate -- and it is somebody that I think believes it to the core.

[Someone] I believe understands compassion. Somebody who understands God. Somebody who understands the situation that we're in.

If I had to vote for someone in a primary...if I had to trust one person, it would be Michele Bachmann."

Beck went on to say that Bachmann is "exceptional" and that she "truly comes the closest to embodying the spirit of Lincoln or Washington" in the current presidential field. He also characterized the Minnesota congresswoman as someone who "says what she means."

Watch Beck's heartfelt comments:

Also, listen to him interview her, below:

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