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Video: Cops Toss Occupy Protesters Out of Beck Book Signing


Police officers threw a group of Occupy demonstrators out of a Glenn Beck book signing in Tallahassee, Fla. Friday as they shouted familiar themes about "the 99 percent."

Video footage uploaded to YouTube shows at least nine individual protesters being escorted out of the Barnes and Noble bookstore where Beck was signing copies of "Being George Washington" as bystanders booed them.

[youtube expand=1]

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"The temperature is changing!" one protester is heard saying on the video as an officer escorts him away. Another shouts "Mic check!" and is answered from another part of the store.

The video shows some protesters being led away in clusters while others are removed individually.

"They're all over the store," someone comments on the video.

"We speak out for the rights of everyone including yours. We are the 99 percent. These people are the 99 percent," another protester says as he is led outside.

(h/t Blaze reader Heather)

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