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Restoring Love': Beck Unveils Major 2012 Event at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas


"It's a life change."

First, there was Restoring Honor in Washington, D.C.

Then there was Restoring Courage in Israel.

Now, get ready for Restoring Love in Dallas, TX.

On Thursday, Glenn Beck announced a third, major live "non-event," which will take place at the new Cowboys Stadium in Dallas from July 26-28. The three-day gathering will not only focus on love, but also service. In fact, day two will be dedicated to service projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Why a "non-event?"

"Only one day is an event," Beck said on radio Thursday. "It's a life change."

"Restoring Love will be a reminder that we best serve our God when we serve each other," the frequently-asked-questions section of the event's website says. "It is a reminder that capitalism is not about who can make the most money and that charity is not just about giving handouts, but must include a hand-up."

The site adds the emphasis will be on having attendees "serve individuals and communities where the need is great but resources are limited."

"It is about the recognition that we are all brothers and sisters."

The gathering is being held in partnership with Beck's new division called Mercury One, which spearheads his charity initiatives. Still, on radio Thursday, Beck stressed that Mercury One isn't a charity, "it's a service organization."

"Service changes both sides," he explained. "It's a verb."

He said the final day will be a "victory lap" in "celebration of what you've accomplished in the days leading up to it."

“I have said enough words. It’s time for me to help hold up the arms of community and faith leaders and serve those who are doing the heavy lifting on healing our nation,” Beck said:

“It is not enough to talk about the problems, vote and expect others to do the work. When the world is in trouble the American people have always been the first to help. This time it is the America that is trouble but the good news is help is already here. We must set aside our differences and serve each other. With Love for even those who may despise or hate us we must renew our commitment to what Franklin called ‘the American religion’. The axiom ‘America is great because America is good’ is only true because of Franklin’s understanding that ‘there is a God, he will judge us, we should serve Him and the best way to serve Him is to serve our fellow man.’”

So why announce now? Beck said that's partially so people can start planning and saving. He added that he's hoping to make most tickets (which will go on sale in February) available for $10, but details are still being worked out. No matter the final prices, all proceeds above the cost of putting on the event will go toward Mercury One.

More details, as well as how this fits into Beck's bigger picture, will be revealed on GBTV tonight at 5 p.m.

For more information on the "non-event," and to register, visit Mercury One.

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