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I Think There's Somebody in My House': Teen Calls 911 From Bedroom as Intruders Ransack Her Home


"I'm in my room upstairs, I hear walking downstairs."


A 13-year-old girl home sick from school hid under her bed and called 911 to report two intruders inside her Michigan house.

Chloe Symington called 911 in a whisper while two men ransacked her home, making off with electronics and a firearm.

"I went to my door again and looked down to see a guy looking through the table drawer next to my front door and that's when I got freaked out," she told Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ-TV.

Symington talked quietly on the phone with the 911 dispatcher for nearly 20 minutes, doing her best to describe the actions of the men who didn't know she was in the house.

"I think there's somebody in my house," Symington whispered to the 911 dispatcher. "I'm in my room upstairs, I hear walking downstairs."

At one point, one of the intruders came into her room. She didn't have time to get all the way under the bed and could only crouch halfway under it to hide, curled up in a ball.

After he left the room, Symington stayed on the phone with the dispatcher, waiting for police to arrive. They caught one of the men outside after a short pursuit, according to WXYZ, and the second man turned himself in later. Both are 19 years old and were arraigned on home invasion charges.

"My dad's always said think now, react or panic later," Symington told the station.

Listen to the full 911 call below:

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