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Ron Paul Yanks Mic During CNN Interview After Reporter Presses Newsletter Questions


"I didn't write 'em, I disavow them. that's it."

As the Iowa Caucuses approach, the media is turning up the heat on a number of candidates, perhaps none so much as Congressman Ron Paul.

In a contentious interview with CNN's Gloria Borger, Rep. Paul lost patience with repeated questions about incendiary language in newsletters published under his name back in the 1980's.

When Borger asked the first time whether he had read the newsletters, Rep. Paul responded "not all the time, on occasion, we talked about this twice."

Paul then further clarified his stance as "I didn't write 'em, I disavow them. that's it."

This was apparently not enough for Borger, who insinuated that Paul had profited to the tune of a million dollars off of the newsletters in 1993.

Paul got testy at this point and responded "I never read it, I was aware of it ten years after it was written...CNN does this every single time."

Borger asked rhetorically whether the repeated questions were "legitimate."

Paul finished off the exchange with "When you get the answer, it's legitimate you take the answers i give," then he removed his microphone and left.

You can watch the full exchange below, courtesy of CNN:

(h/t mediaite)

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