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Whoever Won Rush Limbaugh's 'Two If By Tea' Commerical Contest? See for Yourself


This fall, Rush Limbaugh announced a listener contest to see who could come up with the best commercial for his new line of tea, Two If By Tea. Here's how Rush described it in October:

And now, there's been a winner. Recently, Fox's Greta VanSusteren discussed the contest and even let viewers see an entry:

But why stop at one? We thought we'd highlight some of the other contest entries. Take a look at a few of them below:

So who won? Well, there were actually two winners.

"So these submissions flowed in here and after countless hours of watching the videos we've selected the first place winners -- and I say 'winners' plural because we had such a hard time picking one that we chose two first place winners," Rush said earlier this month.

You've already seen part of one winner -- it was the one in Greta's video. But we've decided to post both below:

The winners received a flat screen 55-inch Sony LED TV and eight cases of Two If By Tea.

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