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Iowa Nice': Filmmakers Release Bold Video With Some Surprising Facts


When you hear "Iowa" do you automatically think, farming?

It's Iowa Day.

Most of the political focus in America is on Iowa as that state's caucuses will happen tonight, kicking off the 2012 Election season. But what do we know about the state?

For all hours of media time spent on covering Iowa's caucuses, how much do we know about the state and the three million people who call it home?

When you hear "Iowa" do you automatically think, farming? Or are you like MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and think Iowa is "too white, too evangelical, too rural... ."

You might be surprised to know that the largest source for personal income for Iowans is manufacturing. The state does have a healthy farming community, but it also has more golf courses per capita than any other state.

Some folks in the Hawkeye State have taken exception to how the rest of the country perceives them. Paul Benedict, Scott Siepker and a group of young filmmakers have just released a short YouTube clip to explain the real facts about Iowa.

Please enjoy "Iowa Nice." [Content Warning: this is the "clean" version of the video, but a mild language warning still applies.]


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