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Olbermann thought he gave his staff 'promotions



Moving from the relatively low-rated MSNBC to the absolutely obscure CurrentTV is a step down by anyone's standards. It wouldn't matter if you went from assistant producer at MSNBC to vice president of Current. It's a demotion no matter what way you slice it.

That's not how the ever-sunny Keith Olbermann sees things. In response to a silly blog post on Gawker by a disgruntled former employee of his (the post included a critique of the host's shoes), Olbermann said the following:

"[I]f I'm the d**k you guys are devoting yourselves to portraying me as, why does the source suggest the staff was sorry to see the show go? They all had the same jobs the next work day. Except the ones who went with me, who got promotions.

Maybe the staff who went with Olbermann got different titles. Maybe they were given their own interns. Maybe they even got paid more (hahaha). But that's hardly a promotion.

Let's not kid ourselves. When you move from the No. 2 cable news network to CurrentTV, which pulls in slightly fewer viewers than Univision (in Kentucky) and ESPN (in my apartment), it's anything but a promotion.

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