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The Top 8 Videos From Alaska's Massive, Record Snow


From Anchorage to the smaller town of Cordova, Alaska has been making headlines for its recent record-breaking amount of snow. While it may be natural to think "It's Alaska -- shouldn't they know how to deal with snow?", 15 feet in such a short amount of time makes for back-breaking work and a shortage of supplies. The Telegraph reports that Cordova, population 2,200, is even having newly manufactured shovels shipped in to deal with the snow.

Here are some YouTube videos depicting the good, the bad and the ugly of Alaska's recent snowfall.

Even a time-lapsed video of shoveling out a car in Cordova looks like hard work:

Here's a unique way to clean off a buried car. A dog fetching a snowball on top of a car (yes, there's a car under there), wipes snow off as she slides down:

There's a process for shoveling snow off the roof of an elementary school. Listen to a weary shoveler explain:

It's not all about snow either. Sea ice is a problem as well. The Coast Guard Cutter Healy helps the tank vessel Renda cut through the ice-choked Bering Sea to make it to Nome, Alaska, with the much needed 1.3 million gallons of fuel. According to The Associated Press the tanker was shepherded by Healy for hundreds of miles and made it to Nome Thursday evening. Watch the footage of the two ships:

But for some, the snow hasn't just meant work. Here are some Alaskans taking advantage of the weather for some fun and games in "Snowdova":

What's interesting about this next video is not the Jeeps or trucks braving the roads, which look surprisingly well-plowed and traveled. It's the parking lot that comes up on the left. Car. Car. Car. Airplane? Must have been a prime parking spot:

Residents aren't the only ones a little put out by the snow. The dogs in the following videos don't seem particularly thrilled themselves:

If you have or have seen any other cool, scary or just plain shocking amounts of snow videos from Alaska, send them our way.

We've added a couple more videos. Check back periodically for more.

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