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Fox News' careful approach to Romney


Before the Fox News/Wall Street Journal Republican presidential debate on Monday, there was concern among its producers on how to handle questioning of Mitt Romney.

Bret Baier, anchor of Fox News' "Special Report," intended to ask Romney about the endorsement he received earlier in the day from Jon Huntsman.

“Governor Huntsman endorsed you today, but in New Hampshire seven days ago he called you a perfectly lubricated weather vane on the important issues of the day. He said you’ve been on three sides of every issue. And just last week he charged that it’s hard to find your core," Baier recited the question before the debate to his boss, Michael Clemente, according to the New York Times. Clemente approve  the question but wanted Baier to "leave out the ‘three sides’ part." It was "too much."

Baier did ask the question during the debate and the "three sides part" was in fact left out.

In another instance, Juan Williams, who also moderated the debate, asked Romney a question about his stance on immigration. It was a question that had initially been nixed by higher-ups for sounding too politically charged.

And while prepping for the debate Gerald F. Seib, Washington bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal asked, “Does anyone have the feeling like we’re ganging up on Romney?” Williams replied, "no."

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