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One Second Filmed Each Day for a Year Shows Seven Minutes of One Person's Life


"...find the good, beautiful moments in even the worst days."

A woman named Madeline shot video footage of her life each day for a year with her Canon Powershot and then reduced each day to only one second clips. Compiling all the clips into a cohesive film, she shows us "What Madeline Did in 2011", which Gizmodo calls a "beautiful reminder that life is the sum of many parts."

Watch how a little more than one second every day for 365 days adds up to 7:37 minutes of life:

After making and watching the film, here are Madeline's reflections as written on her Vimeo site:

 I love living in LA. I love the friends I've made. And I love seeing how much has changed over just one year being here. Sure, I guess now that I see it, I got sick and worked a lot this year (lots of driving, running around doing errands all day). But oh well, it's motivation for 2012!

Madeline writes that she hopes the video inspires watchers to "treasure every day you get and find the good, beautiful moments in even the worst days".

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