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Obama: 'We're Not Successful Just by Ourselves


"...it makes sense for those of us who've done best to do our fair share..."

"We do not begrudge wealth in this country. I want everybody here to do well. We aspire to financial success, but we also understand that we're not successful just by ourselves," President Obama said at a campaign event in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Friday morning.

Watch the president's remarks via FOX Nation:

As part of his speech, President Obama told his collegiate audience that nobody has ever achieved remarkable wealth or success on their own.

"We're successful because somebody started the University of Michigan. We're successful because somebody made an investment in all the federal research labs that created the internet,” the President said.

“We're successful because we have an outstanding military that costs money. We're successful because somebody built roads and bridges. And laid broadband lines and these things didn't just happen on their own. And if we all understand that we've got to pay for this stuff, it makes sense for those of us who've done best to do our fair share and to try to pass off that bill on to somebody else, that's not right. That's not who we are," the president said.

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