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Is Epic Movie 'The Grey' Misrepresenting Wolves as Predators Against Humans?


"This movie will tap into their primal fears and create mass hysteria."

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not movie goers this past weekend. With Liam Neeson in its starring role, "The Grey" proved top dog at the box office, raking in $20 million in revenue.

But while the movie may prove entertaining, some wildlife experts and animal conservationists have expressed concern that the film could give wolves a bad rap.

How likely is a pack of wild wolves stalking and violently attacking a group of humans stranded in the Alaskan wilderness? The Daily, which set out to investigate this question, found that in the last 100 years there have only been two incidents of humans being killed by wolves. Watch its report:

The Daily Beast also reports animal activists as saying the likelihood of wolves attacking humans as slim:

"The notion that wolves attack humans is ridiculous,” says Wendy Keefover, carnivore-protection director for WildEarth Guardians, one of several groups that has called for a boycott of the film, claiming it’s “inciting terror” of wolves in the same way that Jaws did of sharks.

“Most people don’t know anything about wolves. This movie will tap into their primal fears and create mass hysteria,” Keefover tells The Daily Beast. Only two fatal wolf attacks have been documented in the history of North America, yet The Grey depicts wolves as eviscerating man-eaters. The result, Keefover says, will be disastrous for wolf-conservation efforts.

The Wolf Conservation Center states that you have a better chance of "being hit by lightning, dying of a bee sting or being killed in a vehicle collision with a deer" than being attacked by a wolf.

But if you were to come face-to-face with a wolf, what should you do? Maggie Howell, director of the Wolf Conservation Center, said in The Daily's report to "act as big and scary as you possibly can, making loud noises and throwing things." What not to do? Run.

Check out trailer for The Grey:

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