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Want to Read the Email Exchange Between Steve Jobs and Google about Stealing Employees?


"I would be very pleased if your recruiting department would stop doing this."

An email from 2007 between the late Steve Jobs, Apple's former CEO, and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, came to light late last week during a civil litigation case against Apple, Google and several other companies that agreed to not poach each others employees, according to Reuters, giving you a sneak peek into the world of corporate

In 2010, Google, Apple, Adobe Systems Inc, Intel Corp, Intuit Inc and Walt Disney Co's Pixar agreed on a settlement where they said they would not hinder poaching of each others employees in order to keep salaries and employment competitive.

Here's the email exchange between Jobs and Schmidt revealing what sounds like an agreement regarding employee infringement:

"I would be very pleased if your recruiting department would stop doing this," Jobs wrote.

Schmidt forwarded Job's email onto other, undisclosed recipients.

"Can you get this stopped and let me know why this is happening?" Schmidt wrote.

Google's staffing director responded that the employee who contacted the Apple engineer "will be terminated within the hour."

He added: "Please extend my apologies as appropriate to Steve Jobs."

The defense lawyers of the tech companies, Reuters reports, said that there is no "overarching conspiracy" between the companies but the U.S. judge in San Jose, Calif., will continue the proceedings of the lawsuit.

Gizmodo explains that even though these companies settled with the Department of Justice in criminal court, emails such as this will play a factor in civil settlements.

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