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Muslim Teen Allegedly Beaten & Terrorized By Siblings for Kissing a White Man


"Get the gun, I need the boys tonight."

Honor killings have been hitting the headlines more frequently over the past few weeks following a highly-publicized Canadian case in which three individuals were convicted of killing their female family members.

CBN News recently sounded the alarm that honor crimes may, in fact, be on the rise in the West. This notion seems to be corroborated by numerous sources. "Britain saw a 47 per cent rise in honour-related attacks in 2010 - the last year for which officials figures are available - with police authorities reporting 2,283 cases," The Week reports.

Now, a new case coming out of Basingstoke, England, as three Muslims are on trial for allegedly attacking their sister after they saw her kissing a white man. The trial, which is expected to last six days and is currently in process, adds fuel to the notion that radical Islam is continuing to seep into Western life.

Shamima Akhtar, 18, was allegedly called a whore and a prostitute, had her hair viciously cut and was beaten by her two older sisters (Nadiya, 25 and Nazira, 29) and her older brother (Mohammed-Abdul, 24) after she was spotted kissing Gary Pain last April. The kiss apparently took place at a restaurant where Shamima was celebrating her 18th birthday.

The girl had gone out with coworkers to celebrate her birthday. While she was told to be home at 10:30 p.m., she apparently decided to stay out later and ignored her family's attempts to reach her. When it was time to leave the restaurant, she went outside and kissed Pain. Unbeknownst to Shamima, her brother and sisters had driven to the location to find her.

Upon seeing the kiss, her siblings exited the car and Mohammed-Abdul became "extremely aggressive and threatening." He grabbed Pain by the throat and Shamima was escorted away and "thrown" into the family's car. When placed inside the vehicle, she says her sister, Nazira, punched her. Later, the victim claims she heard her brother making what seemed to be a threat over the phone. "Get the gun, I need the boys tonight," she recalls him saying.

Once the family drove Shamima home, the violence and threats purportedly intensified. She was apparently dragged into the house and put on a sofa. It was there that she says insults were thrown at her. She also claims that she was punched by one of her sisters again and kicked by her brother. According to the Telegraph, Mohammed-Abdul brought two knives and a hammer into the room and asked his sister to choose which would be used on her and which would be used to punish "her loverboy."

In the end, the family decided to cut the girl's hair as a punishment for her actions. See, the young woman's family adhered to strict Islamic rules regarding contact with males of different cultures. Additionally, she is said to have been controlled by her family members and she was not allowed to smoke or consume alcohol.

What followed was an "imprisonment" that Shamima claims lasted 12 hours. Eventually, she was able to reach a phone to call authorities. The case is being dubbed "honor-based domestic violence" by the courts. Shamima's sisters and brother deny that they falsely imprisoned her, kidnapped her and did her bodily harm.

(H/T: The Telegraph)

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