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Occupiers Disrupt Pro-Life Event by Dumping Condoms on Catholic School Girls


"What kind of individual throws condoms on Catholic school girls?"

A pro-life event at the Rhode Island State House was disrupted by Occupy Wall Street protesters who heckled speakers and dumped condoms on Catholic girls in the crowd.

Last Friday, an estimated crowd of 150 pro-life supporters (including a reported two dozen legislators) had assembled in the rotunda of the State House for the 39th annual Pro-Life Rally, but they were prevented from speaking by members of Occupy Providence and other OWS sympathizers who shouted and chanted during speeches, held signs in front of the faces of speakers and prevented the delivery of the closing prayer by local Catholic leader Father Bernard Healey.

Rhode Island's Right-To-Life Executive Director Barth Bracy was the scheduled keynote speaker, but the chanting and shouted made it impossible for him to deliver his speech. Bracy told Fox News radio that one Occupier climbed to the third floor balcony and dumped a box of condoms on a group of Catholic girls gathered below. Mr. Bracy wondered:

"What kind of individual throws condoms on Catholic school girls?"

The Providence Journal had a camera at the event and posted a video with the title "Abortion rights Occupiers crash RI Right to Life rally." However the video is edited and without showing any of the chanting and disruptions alleged by Barth Bracy and Fr. Healey.

This is not the first time OWS members have been involved in disrupting pro-life rallies. Just last week in Washington, Occupiers disrupted a peaceful prayer vigil and march being held by the inter-denominational faith group CEC For Life.

Protesters tried to surround and intimidate those gathered. At one point they stood within inches of the musicians and people praying and began screaming. Lifenews.com reported that some in the crowd attempted to engage the Occupiers in a discussion, but "few would stop yelling long enough to speak with these courageous young people."

(H/T: Todd Starnes)

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