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SNL: Mitt Romney Assures Everyone His Campaign Is Not Peaking Too Soon


Saturday Night Live's Mitt Romney sought to assuage voters that his campaign might be in trouble following Tuesday's triple loss to Rick Santorum in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

(The real Mitt Romney had a better Saturday night than the one portrayed on SNL, coming off a win in the Maine caucuses and victory among conservative activists in the Conservative Political Action Committee presidential straw poll.)

"Hello, I'm Mitt Romney. You've just caught me in my den where I'm relaxing and not appearing ill at ease," he said, standing behind a chair instead of in it.

Romney continued, "Tuesday's results couldn't have pleased us more. Just what we were hoping for and nowhere near peaking too soon."

It was a close thing in Colorado, where the polls suggested they could have won, "which would have upset out carefully crafted strategy of staying below the radar."

Instead, everything went according to plan he said, though he admitted some pundits viewed the night as a victory for Santorum.

"You could make that argument in the sense that he did get the most votes in each of the primaries held that day," Romney said. "But I'll tell you this: I sure wouldn't want to be Rick Santorum right now, with all that pressure and the expectations and the tension and so on, being more popular with the party's base than the other candidates, et cetera. No thanks."

With that, he turned to the golden retriever that had been sitting beside him -- but it didn't go as planned when the dog went into a barking fit.

"He does that with me," Romney said, trying to laugh off the dog's reaction. "You want to go back on that roof?"

Watch the full sketch below, via NBC:

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