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David Barton Reveals the Sly Move Harry Reid Pulled to Stand Against Conscience Protection Amendment


"He just filled it up with anything he could think of."

During Glenn Beck's radio broadcast Thursday, David Barton spoke with Pat and Stu about the recent string of attacks on religious freedom perpetuated by the Obama administration. Barton discussed Harry Reid’s tactics to keep the Blunt Conscience Protection Amendment out of the latest legislation, and even made note of the impact Beck fans have had in helping push back these attacks on faith.

According to Barton, the phones on Capitol Hill were "lit up" after Beck launched his "We are all Catholics now" movement on Wednesday, which asked people of all faiths to call their senators and encourage them to vote for the Blunt Conscience Protection Amendment to the transportation bill. That amendment would protect consciousness objectors from being forced to take part in aspects of Obamacare.

In fact, the movement worked so well it forced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to take a different "tactic."

In short, Harry Reid was able to remove the amendment from the bill so that the senators couldn't vote on it. How? In a very sly way: since you can't take specific amendments out of bills in the Senate, Reid jammed the bill full of so many other amendments that the Blunt amendment didn't "fit," so to speak.

"He just filled it up with anything he could think of," Barton explained. "He's basically taken over all the time, and what it means as a result is that they're going to have a cloture vote on all of his amendments that have come up ... and if they can get 60 votes on Friday then it's not going to happen, they've killed Blunt's amendment."

"I don't think they can get 60 votes," Barton added, "... which probably means after Friday, Reid's plan will go down."

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Barton, who is the Founder and President of WallBuilders -- described as  a "national pro-family organization that presents America's forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage" -- said that conservatives are actually gaining ground in this fight and thus, cannot give up.

According to its site, WallBuilders took its name from the Old Testament writings of Nehemiah, "who led a grassroots movement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore its strength and honor."

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