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I Thought the Aliens Were Coming': What Flew Across the S. Carolina Night Sky?


"...this was kind of a rogue object."

In the wee hours of Monday morning, night owls in South Carolina may have found it hard to miss the bright light flashing through the sky and could even have been startled by its reported explosion.

Scientists have said that it was most likely a meteor passing near Greenville but they did note that the timing of the it was unusual. Watch the local Fox affiliate's report:

One resident, Cindie Stubbs, said the light around 1:30 a.m. was so bright and that it was frightening. She wasn't the only one. Fox reports that more than 30 people called 911 that night. Those calling in not only reported a light, but a loud boom as well.

Scientists that Fox spoke with described the flash and boom as associated with a specific type of meteor. Usually meteor showers are predicted based on if a comet tail were passing close by Earth but Charles St. Lucas from Roper Mountain Science Center described this meteor as "kind of a rogue object" with "no way to predict it."

The Huffington Post reports that so far there have been no reports of where this IFO -- identified flying object -- landed yet.

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