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'Most Surreal Thing I’ve Done': Snowboarding at Night in Ghostly LED Suit


"...a lone character made of light surfing through darkness."

It took three men, a suit made of lights and a snowboard to make this haunting footage of the snow-covered French Alps at night.

Watch as this snowboarder seems to float down the mountain with the only light source being an LED-covered suit:

The idea was brain-child of Jacob Sutton, who is a fashion photographer and filmmaker. Jacob Spatcher created the light-covered suit and Willian Huges performed all the moves on the mountains in the dark and in freezing temps. has more from Sutton:

“I was really drawn to the idea of a lone character made of light surfing through darkness,” says Sutton of his costume choice. “I've always been excited by unusual ways of lighting things, so it seemed like an exciting idea to make the subject of the film the only light source.”

Huge described the experience as the "most surreal thing I’ve done in 20 years of snowboarding."

[H/T GeekOSystem]

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