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Fox Report: Taxpayers Funding New $750k Guantanamo Soccer Field


"specially constructed so that the detainees 'have maximum access'"

[Note: video below contains information about the field.]

Although President Obama may have not been able to close the gates at the United States' detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, the federal government has opened the gates for a new soccer field for detainees at the facility. Fox News reports that the field has cost the American taxpayer $750,000:

"In addition to an indoor recreation field and the existing outdoor recreation field, the new soccer field -- selected because it is such a popular sport with detainees -- is half the size of an American football field.

The new field has been specially constructed so that the detainees 'have maximum access' -- about 20 hours a day. Special passageways allow the detainees to pass into the new recreation yard without being escorted by the military.

On the tour, a military police representative who asked not to be identified by name said allowing high levels of activity outdoors helped reduce behavioral problems at the camps, and it also limited the amount of interaction between detainees and the guards."

Fox News discovered the project during a tour of the facility with other reporters covering the arraignment of Majid Khan Tuesday, a former Baltimore resident and only legal U.S. resident on trial at Guantanamo.

The field construction started last April and is set to be completed this spring.

The news stunned Megyn Kelly:

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