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Cough drops -- the new mandate


The latest from Remy & Reason:

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Yeah and listen up peeps, you better check the deal

We got another mandate we gone straight reveal

And if you don't listen up, we be walking out

Yeah you know cough drops what we talking about

Take a look at this graph, you gonna holler with fear

Cough drops costing me a hundred dollars a year

I'm talking Halls, Ludens, to keep me alive

It's like a dog-fighting ring, I need Vicks to survive

It's preventative medicine, suppressing my cough? Word.

I need a vote from each of you--oh, that's kind of awkward

Cough drops are so tasty--how is it allowed?

Yeah, this guy knows what I'm talking about.

Cherry, honey lemon, or the mentho-lyptus

Directly to my house's where I suggest you ship this

They come in all kinds of colors and flavors galore

Even sheep sk--wait, I think this one's yours

I appreciate the testimony, very profound

We need to verify this policy is morally sound

And there's one reasonable way to see if it should be allowed

And it's to probe you internally, can somebody get me a towel?

My apologies for the gentleman across the aisle

He doesn't understand mandates, he hasn't been here a while

I see no reason we shouldn't pass your request

Just let me double check, yep, it passes our test

This is not about "men's health," this is not a prescription

Mandate Men's Health, 12 month subscription

Your party has no respect for individual rights

Now come on up here, I'd like to check your insides

Well I guess it's safe to say this has kind of devolved

Maybe it's not the best idea to have these people involved

So I think I'm gonna bounce, put this one on the shelf

Hit up the drug store--get some cough drops myself.

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