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Pelosi Dreams of Rush Being 'Advertiseless


House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi was a guest at the third annual Women in the World summit hosted by Newsweek and the Daily Beast in New York City this weekend. Speakers at the conference included Angelina Jolie, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, IMF chief Christine Lagarde and Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett. During "A Conversation with Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi," the Minority Leader used choice phrases like "the war on women" and "a lack of respect for the opinion of women in making their own decisions" to demean those who do not believe religious colleges should be forced to pay for their students' birth control, which Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke infamously testified can cost over $3,000 during law school.

In her remarks, Rep. Pelosi said that the radio commentators who verbally attacked Fluke should "remain nameless and hopefully advertiseless:"

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Rep. Pelosi went on to say that this is the time for women to “free themselves of what the status quo is,” and to get more involved in politics, the military, business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

That is, if you're pro-choice.

The Daily Beast notes that during the panel titled "The New Threat to Women's Rights," Rep. Pelosi, while speaking on birth control and the contraception mandadte, urged “We need to take the opportunity to make the changes necessary so that nobody has to fight this fight again.”

Rep. Pelosi went on to spout misinformation that the recent fight in Washington involving contraception is motivated by people arguing against the legality of birth control, rather than for religious liberty and the fiscal reality that in these uncertain economic times, employers and organizations should not be forced to fund such services. Rep. Pelosi went on to tell a recycled (and yet to be proven factual) instance on the Hill when assumably pro-life colleagues allegedly chastised the congresswoman for assuming she knew more about birth than the Pope:

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