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WH Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett Discusses the 'Mancession' and 'Mancovery' at 'Women in the World' Summit


"...once helped a certain community organizer in Chicago blossom into the leader of a community of more than 300 million Americans"

Leaders and activists from fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright took part in the third annual Women in the World summit held this past week in New York City. Hosted by Newsweek and the Daily Beast, conference topics included "Forced Marriage: Are Mothers to Blame?," "Africa: A Few Good Men," and "Burma: A Door Opens."

Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarret appeared to discuss what the latest research reveals about the role and promise of women in the economic recovery, which apparently is in response to the "Mancession."

After her introduction, where the audience was reminded, "Remember, this is the person who, with her fervent support and guidance, once helped a certain community organizer in Chicago blossom into the leader of a community of more than 300 million Americans," Jarrett discussed the "Mancession" and "Mancovery" with moderator (and longtime friend) Mellody Hobson.

Jarrett's began with the reminder that, "this was the worst economic crisis in the United States [since] the Great Depression," but that we are on the road to recovery.  She continued by noting that, with the end of the Recovery Act, public sector jobs that are held disproportionately by women are beginning to see more and more layoffs.  "[This] is why the president was so adamant that we should have passed the American Jobs Act last fall, because in there would have been jobs not just for teachers but firefighters, policemen, first-responders, important jobs..."

For those who don't remember who exactly Valerie Jarrett is, The Weekly Standard's Matthew Continetti has labeled this senior adviser "The Worst White House Aide."  He elaborated by saying:

[Jarrett's] fingerprints are on every blunder and boo-boo the White House has ever made. She bragged to a conference of leftwing bloggers that she had hired noted environmentalist and 9/11 Truther Van Jones, later forced to resign. She campaigned extensively for Obama to travel to Copenhagen and make the case for holding the 2016 summer games in Chicago before the International Olympic Committee. Obama took the trip; the IOC chose Rio. During this time Jarrett met with George Kaiser, the Obama bundler and investor whose solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra was up for a huge loan guarantee. Jarrett, according to government documents, was warned about Solyndra’s shaky finances on the eve of the president’s visit to the company’s facility in Fremont, California. Obama went anyway.

See Jarrett's entire interview at the conference here.

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