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Mustang Driver Arrested After Deciding to Burnout in Front of Police Car


Without the badge, two police officers who arrested a Mustang driver mid-burnout at a parking lot car show in suburban Houston may not have made it out alive.

The incident took place after a crowd from the TX2K12 event at Lonestar Motorsports Park traveled to a parking lot in Katy.  Jalopnik reports that a few people were doing minor tire-shreds as they left the scene, but for some reason a Mustang driver "let out a giant F-U burnout" while driving in front of a line of cars that included a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy.

The crowd did not support the arrest, and are heard in Youtube videos cursing at the officers, some throwing trash at the deputy's vehicle, and even a few suggest tipping the car over.

Local news called the melee a near riot, reporting that following the arrest the lot was closed off while the crowd left. No injuries were reported.

Video of the arrest (WARNING: Strong Language):

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