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Hitler's Posh Hollywood Hideout! Tinseltown Would Have Been der Führer's Choice HQ to Run His Nazi Empire


Imagine a golden age red carpet: Sofia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart  and...Adolf Hitler. Were America to ever capitulate to Nazi control, the Hollywood Hills would have been der Führer's choice place of residence. Best of all, he wouldn't have had to deal with the uptight Los Angeles real estate markets, since Hollywood Fascists had already built him a mansion. The dictator's home still stands today, though a remnant of its former glory.

But it won't be there for long.

According to the Huffington Post, the villa is "waiting to be transformed into a rest and picnic area for hikers."

The gates that once guarded Hitler's future home in LA

The luxurious 55-acre ranch deep in the L.A. hills was originally property of actor Will Rogers. He sold the ranch at the height of the Great Depression to mining fortune heiress Jessie Murphy, the Daily Mail reports.

The heiress was soon was befriended by a charming, well-connected German man named Herr Schmidt. According to the Sunday Express:

Jessie was fascinated by the paranormal and believed that Schmidt had psychic powers. Murphy was spellbound when Schmidt described how he had foreseen that America would fall under the Nazi jackboot but that the country would be rebuilt under German rule, from her house.

The Front of The Fascist Mansion, Built for the German Leader

Schmidt, a secret attache for Hitler in California, persuaded Murphy to invest $4 million to transform the property into a Nazi palace fit for a Führer. The result was a lavish, state-of-the-art mansion that boasted a "diesel power plant, 375,000-gallon concrete water tank, giant meat locker, bomb shelter and 22 bedrooms," according to the Sunday Express.

"There were further plans to build five libraries, a swimming pool, several dining rooms and a gymnasium with money from Germany," the Daily Mail adds.

The compound was equipped with a Bomb Shelter, just in case

Only the beginning of the Plans, Foundations were built for lavish amenities

The construction of this Hollywood retreat was completed by a group known as the Silver Shirts, a "sinister," fascist organization led by anti-Semite William Dudley Pelley. Pelley was a notorious fascist and presidential candidate in 1936, according to the North Carolina History Project, who claimed more than 100,000 followers and the title of "America's Hitler." As Fascism grew during this period, so did the Silver Shirts, who take their name from Hitler's Brown Shirts

More from the Sunday Express on what they did at the compound:

These armed and uniformed Nazis would engage in military drills and patrol the perimeter in between growing vegetables and embarking on further construction projects, apparently funded from Germany after Jessie’s cash ran out, preparing the property for the eventual arrival of Hitler.

They dreamed of the day the Führer and his generals would be sipping cocktails in the Californian sunshine, just a few miles from the Hollywood movie studios, toasting the triumph of the Aryan race.


They were eventually arrested during a raid by the FBI.

The home's legacy leaves one to ponder what the world would be like were it not for the brave, American fighting man... and The Rocketeer.



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