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Timber! Amateur Lumberjack Crushes Own House Chopping Down Tree


"No chance irony was going to miss out on that opportunity"

In what is sure to dash any career aspirations this amateur lumberjack may have had, a YouTube video uploaded on March 18 is now going viral.

What happened?  According to the video's description, "This poor guys spends the entire day chopping down a tree that he is concerned could one day fall on his house. No chance irony was going to miss out on that opportunity. Tree won that battle."

From the Daily Mail:

As he stands back to admire his handiwork there is silence but for a tell-tale creaking and groaning as the conifer slowly leans toward the house, before crashing down onto it.The cameraman can be heard saying ‘oh s***!’ as the man stands gobsmacked, staring at the pile of timber that was once his home.

He then screeches out ‘my house… my bedroom!’

Adding insult to injury, the video has been posted onto YouTube, prompting a barrage of critical comments from ‘armchair lumberjacks’.

No one appears to have been injured (but the man's pride took quite a blow).

Watch the video "How Not to Chop Down a Tree," below (warning: Some offensive language):

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