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This Is Such a Crock': Limbaugh Calls Out President for 'Approving' the Keystone Deal


“Every bit of this is irritating."

During a segment of the Rush Limbaugh show on Thursday, the host took on President Obama for claiming he "approved" the construction of the new Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Okla., to the Gulf.

“Obama could not have stopped this leg of the Keystone pipeline if he'd wanted to,” Limbaugh said. “He's simply there…There's no other way to say it. He's just glomming onto it. It's like trying to be present when the Ten Commandments are given at the burning bush and claiming you wrote 'em.”

Well, that’s not exactly how that story goes, but you get the idea.

Limbaugh was amazed that the president would try to position himself as a proponent of oil drilling.

“The guy who steadfastly opposes drilling for oil and has not issued any permits to speak of, particularly since Gulf oil drilling moratorium -- the guy who has made his name opposing the Keystone pipeline -- is now out taking credit for it!” Limbaugh said

“The only thing that a president can stop, again, is an international pipeline. In fact, the Keystone XL Pipeline is the first international pipeline that has ever been denied by a president. Keystone is the first international pipeline ever denied!” he added.

“And he was denying it as recently as Monday. And he was criticizing it as recently as Tuesday. And he was telling people that there was no silver bullet or magic bullet to any new oil in this country however we got it, via drilling or via pipeline. And in a space of less than 48 hours, we have had the equivalent of an atheist become the pope on oil and on energy. The Keystone XL Pipeline is the first time in history a presidential permit for a cross-border pipeline has ever been denied.”

“Every bit of this is irritating,” Limbaugh said.

Watch Limbaugh take on the president’s claims (via Fox Nation):

"In his speech this morning, Obama said, 'Producing more oil and gas here at home will continue to be a critical part of our energy strategy.'" Limbaugh said.

“Will continue to be! This is the guy standing in the way of oil and gas production. This is the guy throwing money away on wind and solar and electric cars…Obama is ‘producing more oil and gas here at home’?” Limbaugh asked.

He continued:

This is what the Democrats do, folks. This is what the left does. There is no moral core. There's no concern for truth and there's no concern for being caught lying, because Obama knows that his number one support group's not gonna call him on it. The only people who are gonna call him on it are people like me, and they're not worried about that. They've got the AP on their side. They've got the Washington Post, the New York Times. They don't care. But what it indicates is the good news about this: They know how deep the trouble Obama is in. They know how deep it is. They know the problems he's got.

We have this: 78 percent of the people following this want the Keystone pipeline, and Obama's in the 22 percent opposing it. And his 22 percent counts for a hundred percent because he can stop it, and he has stopped it. So now he's out trying to make this little connection between Oklahoma and Texas appear to be the whole thing having been authorized. They're in deep trouble. They have the support, when you boil it all down, of no more than 30 percent of people in this country. When you boil it all down, Obama and the Democrats have no more than 30 percent. Why do they get more votes than that? Well, once again: How many people do you think are going to hear this stuff today and think it's true?

To put it simply: “This is such a crock.”

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