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Egyptian Couple Arrested For Creating 'Spouse Swapping' Facebook Page


An Egyptian couple could be facing jail time for their "spouse-swapping" advertisement on Facebook.

The husband and wife, both 30-years old, claim they got the idea from a Qatari man six months ago.  Though extra-marital affairs are illegal in Egypt, the unnamed couple says there has been great interest in their advertisement, with four successful "swaps" already enacted.

Police arrested the couple after undercover agents posed as interested "candidates."  According to Al-Arabiya, after arrangements were made and dates were set for the big swap, police moved in to arrest the suspects.

A controversial prostitution law in Egypt, passed in 1961, allows for the prosecution of extra-marital affairs-- even if no money has been exchanged.  Investigators are now preparing a case to submit to the public prosecutor's office, and there is precedent for significant jail time.  In 2009, a husband was sentenced to seven years and his wife to three after they admitted to organizing a swingers' club.

This leads some to ask, should the Egyptian police really be worrying about extra-marital affairs at a time when the government is so unstable?  When the Sinai Peninsula is at risk of becoming a "no man's land"?  Or is this just a portent of things to come in post-revolution Egypt?

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