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Oops: Anti-Koch Filmmakers Caught Leaving Hot Mic Voicemail -- They Eat 'Scrambled Babies


"That was fantastic."

It's no secret that the left loves to demonize Charles and David Koch. But a group of filmmakers behind an anti-Koch documentary may be a little red today after they were caught leaving the brothers a voicemail -- a voicemail that was a result of them messing up and thinking they had already hung up.

Business Insider has the details:

Three months ago, Jesse Lava of Brave New Foundation called Charles Koch and left a polite message telling him that Brave New Foundation would soon release its documentary, "Koch Brothers Exposed," and invited him to watch and respond to it.

"We're gonna talk about your factory in Arkansas that has caused cancer for a lot of people in the community there. I have a lot of members of my family who died of cancer so it's very personal for me and I'd love to know what your response is to our work. Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing from you. Bye bye." he said.

After that, he hung up the phone. Or so he thought.

The message was still recording, and Lava could still be heard talking to who is presumably another staffer at Brave New Foundation. The exchange is not too endearing. KochFacts.com, a site run by Koch Industries, posted a recording of the message on YouTube to coincide with today's release of the documentary.

So what did they say on accident? How about that the Koch brothers like to eat babies, especially "soft-boiled" and "scrambled" ones.

Here's the audio:

The filmmakers responded with a blog post calling the brothers shameful:

Today, the Kochs posted audio of me leaving a message for them months ago asking them to respond to our cancer investigation and laying out why the issue is personal for me. The Kochs accompany the audio with text saying I’m “harassing” them and “exploit[ing] [my] own family to push [my] agenda.” From the Koch brothers’ vantage point as billionaires with mansions all over the country, politics may be an abstraction or a game. But to the 99%, it’s no game. It’s personal. And while smearing me and diminishing the importance of my family may be preferable to them to actually looking into the problems in Crossett, that is not what will help make our country a stronger, healthier place. Shame on them.

We'll let you determine if that's true.

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