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Joe-ver-the-Top Biden: VP Accuses GOP of Putting Cops and Firefighters in Danger...at Taxpayer-Funded Event

Joe-ver-the-Top Biden: VP Accuses GOP of Putting Cops and Firefighters in Danger...at Taxpayer-Funded Event

"...the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed."

Speaking to a gathering of more than 100 federal, state, and local police officers and firefighters at his Washington residence, Vice President Joe Biden suggested the GOP is more interested in tax cuts for the wealthy than in “policies that would save the lives of police officers and firefighters,” according to Keith Koffler of White House Dossier. And it was all done on your dime.

“You’re stuck in a God-awful mess, and so it doesn’t make sense to us that that would be happening at a time when the need for y’all actually would be increasing,” pool reports record Biden as saying.

Biden sarcastically praised policymakers who choose to vote against funding for local law enforcement during "tight" fiscal times: “At least they’re consistent.”

And this is where he equated opposition to increases in taxes with putting lives in danger:

There’s one thing we know: the more cops on the street, the fewer cops get killed. The more firefighters responding to a fire, the fewer injuries to the firefighters, because you have each other’s backs.

So if you vote for tax increases, you vote to increase the ranks of policemen and firefighters. But it you vote against said increases, you are decreasing their ranks, and therefore making it more likely that one of them will die.

How dare you?

“The first guy who’s going to have a problem is the guy whose $3 million home is on fire and you can’t get a truck out there,” Biden said, warning the “wealthy” that a failure to increase funds would come back to haunt them.

“The first guy that’s going to have a problem is the person who has real assets and finds their house burglarized or robbed, or their Porsche is stolen,” Biden said. “I’m not very subtle; I find it absolutely beyond my understanding.”

Indeed, the type of people who go to $10,000 per-couple fundraisers to feast on New York strip steaks and white truffle mashed potatoes can be very difficult to understand.

And here’s the icing on the cake: “Though Biden’s remarks were partisan and clearly designed to curry political favor with firefighters and police, the gathering was billed as an official event and paid for by taxpayers,” Koffler writes.

But should the Vice President’s comments really shock or surprise anyone given his history?

Whether he’s making patently false historical claims, publicly acknowledging the accomplishments of soft drinks, warning women that they’ll be raped if Congress doesn’t pass certain bills, or lavishing praise on soon-to-fail “green” energy initiatives, it seems the Vice President has made a career out of sputtering headline-grabbing remarks.

This is just par for the course.

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