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Solis Decorates Labor Department With Activist Images Featuring Her Marching With Sharpton, Jackson & More!


"I believe in the power of collective action."

This is the picture that Hilda Solis wants everyone at the Labor Department to see:


The picture is from a march a few weeks ago in Alabama. Solis joined an array of activists to reenact the historic civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery.

On her right arm is SEIU exec R. Eliseo Medina.  On her left is, of course, MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.  And that's Jesse Jackson on the other side of Delores Huerta and AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker.

The experience clearly affected Secretary Solis. The Daily Caller reports that images from the event have now been turned into a poster that will hang in elevators at the Labor Department:

The photo depicts Solis acting as an emissary of the Obama administration protesting against Alabama’s strict new law combating illegal immigration. Solis has her arms locked with Sharpton, and Jackson is a few feet away. The poster also carries a message for federal government employees — who are traditionally expected to be apolitical in the performance of their duties.

“Whether we take to the streets or simply do our work with integrity and commitment here at the U.S. Department of Labor,” the poster reads, above Solis’ signature, “We are all marching toward the same goals: safer workplaces, fair pay, dignity on the job, secure retirement and opportunities to make a better life. I believe in the power of collective action.”

Solis gave a speech at the rally -- here it is:


The message of the new elevator poster doesn't sit well with some critics like Rick Manning of American's for Limited Government:

“This administration seems to be more interested in using public resources to promote extra-legal social change through propagandizing the federal workforce rather than simply enforcing the laws passed by Congress.”



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