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Jet Dry? Stunning Vid as Female Beach-Goer Thrown Into a Concrete Wall by Jet Engine


Consider it a jet dry.

A video posted online that is going viral (it's unclear when the video was actually taken) shows a female beach-goer in the tropical Caribbean paradise of Saint Marten, where the airport borders the popular Moha beach, getting blown away by a jet engine as she tries to brave the wind and hang on to a nearby fence. But she isn't just blown away -- instead, she's thrown into a nearby concrete, and bystanders are left stunned and running to her aid.

Here's the original video showing how it all happened:

It's unclear what ever became of the woman, but the video does include a picture showing her being attended to with what appears to be a police officer present.

As for the beach, the Daily Mail has compiled more videos of onlookers getting blown around by the jets on the island. And ITN News shows just how close the planes come to the beach while landing:

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