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Here's the Video Evidence of a Lebanese Basketball Player Scoring More Than 100 Points In a Single Game


"we now have video evidence of every bucket"

A Lebanese basketball player named Mohammad El-Akkari made headlines last week after news reports claimed he scored more than 113 points during a single FIBA Asia game (part of the International Basketball Federation). The claim was so incredible, though, that many people refused to believe it.

But now, with video evidence in tow, every basket that El-Akkari made can be corroborated -- though a count shows that he scored 109 points and not the originally-reported 113 (details, details).

Yahoo! Sports has more:

...thanks to the just-created-over-the-weekend lebbasketball YouTube channel, we now have video evidence of every bucket that Akkari (no El here) scored, complete with a handy tally in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. However, in scandalous news that is likely to shock the Internet to its very core, that tally suggests that Akkari only scored a measly 109 points rather than a full, proud 113...

Here's the video, which shows the player's astounding performance on the court:

It's a rarity, as Yahoo! notes, for a basketball player to score 100 points in a professional game. Still, somehow El-Akkari was able to pull it off.

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