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Re: Obama's pledge against 'un-American' attacks


Ah, the president now says he's "a firm believer" that Democrats and Republicans both care deeply about this country and that he isn't going to suggest how much someone does or does not love this country. It's nice to hear how President Obama doesn't plan to paint Romney as "anti-American" during this campaign season -- though I'm sure he'll have no problem characterizing his GOP opponent as anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-immigration, etc.  But if the president is serious about not questioning his opponents' patriotism, this will mark a decidedly different campaign tone than his 2008 run.

In 2008, then-Sen. Obama slammed President George W. Bush as "unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion to America's debt:

h/t Weasel Zippers

We're now at $15.6 trillion in debt.  It's no wonder Obama is adopting this new friendlier tone.

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