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Anti-Mormon' Pastor Defends Romney Endorsement: Obama 'Opposes Biblical Principles


"There's every reason to support Mitt Romney in this election."

Back in October, you may remember Pastor Robert Jeffress' controversial statements about Republican president candidate Mitt Romney. The faith leader was introducing Texas Gov. Rick Perry at the Voter Values Summit in Washington, D.C., when he said that Mormonism is a "cult" and that it "is not Christianity." Now, just months later, Jeffress has endorsed Romney, causing some to further criticize the evangelical preacher.

On Sunday, he appeared on "FOX & Friends" to discuss his take on Romney, Obama and Mormonism. Hosts Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs didn't waste any time launching into what critics have said about Jeffrees, while asking the pastor how he rectifies his past opposition to Romney with his current support.

"I haven't changed my tune. In fact, I never said Christians should not vote for Mitt Romney," Jeffrees said when asked why his opinions have evolved. "When I talked about his theology I was answering a question about theology. And I still maintain there are vast differences between Mormons and Christians but we do share many of the same values -- like the sanctity of life and religious freedom."

Jeffrees maintains that there has been "no inconsistency" and that he has said that he would vote for Romney over Obama for some time now. Some of his past comments do seem to corroborate this claim.

During the interview, the pastor did dodge a question about whether he thinks Romney is a Christian. Instead of directly answering the inquiry, Jeffrees cited polls that purportedly show that most Christians see differences between their beliefs and those of individuals who describe themselves as Mormons.

"There's every reason to support Mitt Romney in this election," he continued, going on to claim that President Barack Obama "opposes Biblical principles."

Watch the interview, below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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