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Tickets to Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Love' Are Going Fast


"I was afraid that it would be you, me and my dog and we'd use that JumboTron to watch a movie."

Glenn Beck spoke with his radio team this morning about his "Restoring Love" event, which will take place from July 26 through July 28, 2012 at Cowboys Stadium. Tickets to the inspirational, weekend-long experience -- which will hinge on themes pertaining to God and service -- are going fast (although a limited number of seats and special packages are still available through Mercury One).

"I was afraid that it would be you, me and my dog and we'd use that JumboTron to watch a movie," Beck joked on the air this morning. "And we had an honest conversation about three or four weeks ago really, seriously. The head of my company said we'll sell probably about 5,000 seats and I said, 'That's a problem because that's a very, very large stadium.'"

But it was only minutes before tickets were rapidly disappearing for "Restoring Love." Clearly, Beck had nothing to worry about (for those interested, a limited number of $10 seats are still available).

GlennBeck.com has more about attendee options:

There are also a variety of event packages available that not only grant you admission to “Restoring Love” on July 28th, but also access to other events the week of the 7/28. You can get details on those packages HERE.

Like a lot of other non-sporting events at Cowboys stadium, tickets are not being sold in the 400 Level to ensure the best possible live experience – so expect the media to take some photos of an employee taking their lunch break up there to try and claim that nobody showed up. But everyone who attends, or watches on GBTV, will know better!

In case you're still looking for more about what "Restoring Love" will be like, here's a brief description:

Restoring Love will be a reminder that we best serve our God when we serve each other.  It is a reminder that capitalism is not about who can make the most money and that charity is not just about giving handouts, but must include a hand-up...It is about the recognition that we are all brothers and sisters.

Go to the Mercury One web site for continuously-updated information.

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