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CNN: Is the Tea Party 'Over'?


"None of the above."

If you're wondering where the Tea Party has been lately, you're not the only one. In a segment on CNN, Jack Cafferty asked the question if the Tea Party was "over" after he said it appears to be "fading." Here's what Cafferty reported and asked on air recently:

But while that may be a provocative question, readers shouldn't just brush it aside as simply the liberal media trying to attack the conservative movement. In fact, it's a question The Blaze Magazine wrestled with in its cover story for the April issue.

"The Republican fight for the presidential nomination is burning up. The election is around the corner. And many Americans are wondering what the Tea Party is up to," Magazine Executive Editor Chris Field wrote in a blog post recently. The Blaze's Dave Urbanski dives deeper and asks, "So, has the Tea Party lost steam? Lost its way? Gone rogue? Or is it, in fact, dead?"

The answer? "None of the above."

The Tea Party faithful who initially spread the word and toted the signs are in large part now focusing their energies on behind-the-scenes work–a “tactical precision” way of operating. […]

In many ways, that has translated to efforts at state and local levels, as opposed to the national spotlight the Tea Party enjoyed during the first two years of the Obama administration.

You can read the full report by subscribing to The Blaze Magazine.

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