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Michelle Obama Shares Her 'Fantasy': 'Walk Right Out the Front Door and Just Keep Walking

Image source: CNN

What is Michelle Obama's secret fantasy? Apparently, to "walk right out the front door and just keep walking."

The first lady's confession came Thursday during a "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day" discussion at the White House when a child asked there was anything she'd change about life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"It's hard to sneak around and do what you want," Obama said. "I have done it a couple of times. But you know one fantasy I have, and the Secret Service they keep looking at me because they think I might actually do it, is to walk right out the front door and just keep walking."

So what would she do if given the chance? She'd "go to some shops and stop and have some ice cream, go shopping."

"I can't do that, I can't just up and decide I think I am going to go for a walk," Obama conceded. "If I could change something I'd be able to sneak around a little bit more but it causes people a lot of stress when I do that so I try not to."

The first lady made headlines last year with a trip to a D.C.-area Target and told NBC's Al Roker she once took the family's dog Bo to a pet care superstore Petco without getting recognized.

Watch below, via CNN:

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